Fat People - Whether they are Useless for Society?

Body dimensions and physique are different to the people. Some are smart, while others are fatty and obese. Individuals do not like the fat people mostly. It might be because, their health and disfigured body does not leave any good impression on the mind of the people. Some of the fat people are too much obese and they are even not able to perform their routine work. We can find obese people are criticized by slim and smart individuals. Due to their body physique, fat and obese peoples, people laugh and criticize. Fat and Obese people are used to entertain the other groups of individuals. Fat people are used for entertaining others in public events. Even obese people take part marathon race, wrestling and other activities

Good sense of humor and ability to bear comments are what fat people should have to take part in the activities. By doing all these entertainment activities, obese. People can also prove that they are not inferior . Obese people also can perform better in several respects.

Fat People - Whether they are Useless for Society?
Fat People - Whether they are Useless for Society?

Generally, the main reason of obesity in these fat people is an underlying disease, like hormonal imbalances. Sometimes it is difficult to come to normal position. Fat people also enjoy to live their life happy and prosperous. 

Fat people can prove that they are equal to others while doing several activities. In order to perform their work, they go to office. They have the capability to do even cleaning house, gardening and any type of indoor activities. They won't hesitate to participate or play different entertainment games. There are several games, which do not require hard activities, like golf, etc. 

We can notice that, several fat people are participating in international level and winning even in strenuous games also. They are normal people like us. They are also human and they possess feelings and emotions. People should not criticize and to make fun of them. Due to some internal problems and food habit, people get obese. 

Whatever the reason of their obesity, they are the citizen of our country. All rights are equal to all the people. All are can perform their active role in the society, so here are no useless people in the world. We should realize the presence and importance of these people, and should never discriminate them. In conclusion, the fat people are the part of our society, and hence should be given equal importance and respect like us..
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